Fine Art by Mariana P.

Puslinch-based self-taught artist who enjoys working with acrylics, using a combination of texture and color. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and has a Professional Engineer designation. 

Her latest acrylic paintings are a clear reflection of her passion for astronomy and space exploration, and relay a message to humanity to open our minds, look at the big picture, and never stop being curious. These paintings are her own interpretation of nebulae (clouds of dust and stars floating in outer space), mostly based on photos captured by NASA's telescopes but modified to look like something we can identify on Earth. She also includes an element of human creation to further ground the nebula to something we can all relate to. A technical drawing frame and the unintelligible signature for "The Designer" are included because it is her opinion that "The Search" that has kept us curious and on the road for discovery and technological advancement. Quantum and relativity laws symbols are included to emphasize that in the long run stepping outside the box to look at the big picture is as important for human survival as it is working, sleeping, eating and fulfilling our individual needs.

A more abstract version of "Quantum to Cosmos" paintings are also part of her latest work to simply state the importance of looking at the big picture. These are also acrylic paintings of nebulae but not from real life pictures.

Abstract Landscapes are also part of her art portfolio, their purpose is to evoke feelings of serenity/peacefulness in the observer. 

Feel free to give her a call if you are looking for a custom sized piece, or a piece with specific colors. 

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